Fun Underground

Hello world!

If you’re new here (and you must be – because this is my first post), let me start by giving you a little introduction. Dave (my partner) and I are working our way up to a pretty significant move. He is starting a new program this fall, at a new school, in a new city. Since we will be moving away from anyone and anything that we know, I thought that we could start recording it online so our family (near and far) can watch our transition and feel more a part of our everyday life. For more information on who we are and how we got here you can visit the “About” page.

One thing that all of my readers should know is that I am ranked Highly Advanced in the moving department. I have moved no less than 20 times in my 27 years. You know what they say? 21 is a charm!

What’s the first thing you do when you move? You scour Kijiji for approximately 5 minutes, send a link to Dave and BAM!

Three hours later your backseat looks like this.

What’s the second thing you do when you move? You start working your way through your basement, of course! The place where craft projects and broken chairs go to die. It was in the 90sF (30sC) today, so what better place to start? It’s nice and cool down there. The only major problem is spiders, but that’s why I bring Dave with me. We spent 1 hour, almost to the minute, sorting through the boxes.

We made piles that consisted of:

  • Move “As Is”
  • Sort later by Valerie
  • Keep until we find out how big our next apartment will be
  • Donate
  • Belongs to someone else

Our goal was to touch everything 1 time, put it in it’s correct pile and move on. Round 2 will be for purging. Here are some pics to show you (our slight) progress.

Before: Oh my.

Before: under the stairs.

And the afters!

After: our “Move As Is” pile.

The “Sort later by Valerie” pile in the front and the “Keep for now” pile near the back.

We even had two empty bins at one point! And I found a Christmas colored box that had not-Christmas stuff in it and a grey box that HAD Christmas stuff in it. I switched those around and that made my little organizing heart swell three sizes.

Any tips for basement cleaning or how to make the smoothest move? We’re all ears!

Ya’ll come back now, y’hear?!


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