It’s the Reason for the Season

You readers probably know that I am a part of a block party planning committee? (Maybe you don’t – it depends who you are, I guess.) This year we are hosting our SECOND. ANNUAL. OLD EAST VILLAGE. BLOCK. PARTAYYYYY. ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLE? Cue the applause. My role in all of this is to keep Head Honcho Dude (my brother-in-law) on track and organized. I’m also the resident Knows How to Use Photoshop and the Internet-er. A woman of many hats, I am! This year is bittersweet because it will be my last, except for whatever they trick me into helping them with from a long distance. I kid, I kid.

THE POINT OF MY STORY IS THIS: Today marks the one-month-until-the-day day. And to celebrate, the local community centre throws us a huge bash! Just kidding, they do an end of the year party for their soccer teams. I did what any other committee member from a different neighborhood party would do and I CRASHED THE JOINT. Just kidding again, it’s open for everyone. So, I went, I saw, I took photos and now I share them. Stay tuned for our block party photos coming in approximately 1 month. That is, if I haven’t keeled over due to the stress of moving and throwing a block party in a matter of 11 days.



Muscle cars on display.


Most people were near the food.


Some blow-up carnival games.


Look at how happy that grandpa is!


A horse-drawn wagon. Not really my jam but, the kids love it.


Over-sized Scrabble, anyone?





That’s it for now! We’re going to see a big fireworks show on Monday (they do it on the Detroit River, between Canada and the States as kind of a celebration of both of our upcoming independence days). If I can get some good shots of fireworks, something I have yet to master, you will see an exciting post next week! Part 2 of our home tour will be posted on Monday as well.

Have a fun weekend!


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