How to Find an Apartment in 30 Days (or less!)

Although I have done a (very small amount) of prep-work up until this point, I am definitely kicking this show into high gear now that we have entered July. And if you don’t have a basement and/or don’t need to go through a ton of boxes in a storage room, we’re pretty much at the same point, one month out. (Find out how I finished up the basement cleaning with a post coming soon!)

First things first:

Scour Kijiji and become discouraged. A really fancy condo with a sauna, Olympic sized swimming pool, lake views and a gym? Without pictures and with a 1-888 contact number? $700/month. Sounds legit.

Or, this happens:

The only search features I put in were: Peel Region, 2 bedrooms, <$1100

I am about to be 28 years old, I am avoiding living in a basement like the P L A G U E.

Helpful Kijiji Keyword Translator:

“Cozy” = you can touch two walls while standing in one place

“Bright” = fluorescent lighting

“No Pets” = I’m a landlord who doesn’t care about renters rights

“Male/Female/Indian Only” = I’m a landlord who doesn’t care about human rights.

“Legal Apartment” = definitely not a legal apartment

What did we learn?

Your Other Options

Once you’ve come to your senses on where you should be searching, you take one of two better paths for your future:

1) You do a Google search that leads you to mid and high-rise apartment complexes in the exact area you are looking in.

2) You drive around and call numbers on “For Rent” signs.

Because we are looking for  a new place to live from a distance, we need to be heading down Path Numero Uno. At least for our immediate future. I found two great websites to help us along in this search, they are Gotta Rent and View It. I’ll show you below why they work for us. First, I’ll show you the options from Gotta Rent:

These are all of the options that Gotta Rent lets us choose from. It weeds out A LOT of junk. (They also of course have bedroom # and price range)

This is the first page of options that came up.

There were 11 listings that came up after I narrowed it down with each of the options available to us. That may not seem like a lot, but I would be willing to look at every one of them (one has to stick, right?). Here is what happened with View It:

Our search options

Page 1!

As you can see from the top of this picture, it came back with 22 records. That is A LOT of options, that all fall within our desired “wants/needs”. Another cool thing about View It, is that when you click on each of those apartments to view more, it shows you where it is located on the map (which they have just below what you see in the picture.)

Now I just need to make some phone calls and set up a time where we can view our top favorites (top 5…10…?) We’ll see what happens! And I’ll be back to show you how well our internet-searching translated into real life after we visit there in the beginning of next week. Maybe we’ll find the perfect place driving from one to the next after seeing a “For Rent” sign.

Along with that follow-up, future Apartment Hunting posts will feature: Preparing for a Yard Sale and Packing Up the Things You Haven’t Touched in Two Years But You’re Keeping Anyway. And don’t forget, the one thing Kijiji is good for: Selling Things That Are Not Apartments!

Excuse me, I’ve got some phone calls to make!


  1. Pamela

    There is an iphone app that helps you the exact price a house and/or apartment that is within your vicinity at the moment. For example: you are on street and only two signs are visible for rent…. this app may show you that there lies more within the area than what you can see. From what I got from my friend, it seemed is how he landed a “rent to own” spot. Give me a little bit and I will get the information as soon as he gets back to me. Good luck on your journey!

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