It was looking rough there for awhile (hadn’t made it out to do a full grocery trip in a couple of weeks) but now, we are back on track! This week I used the crock pot, we had a classic, not-traditionally-vegan, bar menu item turned vegan for a quick dinner AND had festival chomps. What a nice week for food, it was. Onto the photos!

Here we have a grilled “cheese” sandwich and tomato soup. Pretty sure this tomato soup made both of us sick, so I wouldn’t recommend buying soup in tetra packs and forgetting about them in the back of your pantry.

A pretty typical lunch around here: blueberry soy yogurt, half a bagel with a slice of Tofurkey, mustard and half an avocado.

Nachos! This was our “bar food” night. I’ll let you use your imagination to see how it turned out; I wasn’t satisfied with any of the after photos.

Crock pot meal! Put a pound of spinach (not exaggerating) and a bunch of Indian spices into your crock pot for 6 hours on low, add a can of chickpeas and what do you have? Chana Saag! A crowd favorite.

Here’s what we had for dinner tonight. Dave’s meal makes an appearance for the first time! Usually if we have different things for dinner (i.e., eating at a restaurant) his is typically not vegan. That wasn’t the case for today!  He settled on a Veggie Roti from a Caribbean booth (which was delicious) and I chose Veggie Noodles and a spring roll from a South Vietnamese joint. We shared the jumbo lemonade. Perfect!

I don’t always dessert. But, when I do: I churro.

That’s all for now! Hope you’re staying cool in this hot, hot summer heat.


  1. Dave

    Nah, you can’t blame us for that soup. We bought it no more than a month before we ate it. The Superstore just doesn’t know what 12OCT11 means.

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