Fun Underground, Pt. II

First, I just want to make a note that I had more hits on this blog with Dave’s post than I have with any other posts made. Good job, Dave! Maybe you should get your own damn blog.

Time for an update! We had quite an adventure on Monday and Tuesday, viewing no less than 13 apartments! It was a really exhausting experience; we’ve got a couple of irons in the fire but I wont do a full update until we find out what is going to work out for us. (We should know by this weekend, otherwise we’ll have to go back for Round 2.) In the meantime, here are some other moving updates: I currently have nine posts up on Kijiji with various things. I’ve got a large (and growing) pile of things for a yard sale (scheduled July 21st!) and I’ve got sixteen boxes packed and stacked up in my bedroom. I hope to get some more of those, today.

Now, here’s the second installment of our basement cleaning. You may remember where we left off, with Part 1. What a mess!

This time I requested Rebecca’s help and we spent a solid 3 hours down there, working through each of the boxes in the keep pile, after a short tour of what Dave and I had already done. She helped me sort through clothes and I got rid of at least 30% of what was down there, all of those items went straight to the yard sale pile! Anything that doesn’t get sold will go to Goodwill.

This is the new “Keep” pile. My how you’ve grown! The purple and gray box in the front, to the left, are boxes that are not completely full.

Also I should note that the two end tables stacked up (one upside down), on the right, should be in the “maybe” pile. I love them so much (1960’s Lane) but I may have to leave them behind. They’ll be going up on Kijiji if that happens.

This is our new Yard Sale pile! This pile didn’t exist before, but now it does! That’s what I call: progress.

This is our current “Maybe” file. I’ve got beat-up orange chairs, a small table with two chairs, a worm composting bin, a shovel (let’s hope we don’t need this!) and a huge drumshade.

This is a pile of packing supplies (plastic bags, old towels, empty bins, etc) and my computer box.

And, finally, my dutiful helper. After she stopped playing dress-up with my clothes and changed back into her own!


That’s all for now. I’m off to do some more packing and purging!

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