Packing, Pt I


I honestly don’t know how many posts will come of this. I’ve been slowing packing things, but realizing more and more that if we end up getting a much smaller apartment, my desire to keep many of things I am packing will greatly lessen. So, I’ve been working on it, but working on it with caution. And labeling things really well so that if I need to tear through a box to get rid of more things, I have that option.

First, let me show you some progress I made in the bedroom. Heyyo!

First, you may remember this from our home tour?

Just a few days ago, this was our new view:

Thanks to this happening:

p.s. These boxes also contain our DVD collection. The boxes would be too heavy to pack with just books so I topped them each off with something lightweight.

Here’s where the real accomplishment takes place: these are all of the books we’re putting into the yard sale! And to think, we’ve been staring at those over-stuffed bookshelves for this long and didn’t do anything about it. Ahhhhh. Feels nice.


It might not look like much but those completely filled up a plastic tote box from the basement. 🙂 And, after a few more days of work (I’ve been trying to pack 3 boxes a day, minimum), she looks like this:

 Those newly packed boxes had to go somewhere! Three from the living room and two from the bathroom.

Combine those with the stack I packed containing books and DVD’s and now our bedroom looks more like this:

I had to pack up half of my closet to shove those boxes in there (there’s another stack behind the one in the front.)

One thing I did accomplish today was going through one of the orange boxes that we use as a coffee table in the living room. These babies fill up with the most random things. I was able to fill a plastic shopping bag with garbage and another one of things for our yard sale. I fit the remainder of what was left into a box, with spare space around it. I failed to take any pictures, but I have three more boxes in the living room that need to be gone through, as well as the bottom of the hutch and four more drawers in our TV cabinet. So, I have a feeling you weren’t missing much.

Here is a current photo of a corner of our living room. There is a bucket with our yard sale books, a bucket with Kijiji items, a mostly-empty hutch and a piece of furniture that I may or may not have taken from the side of the road when we were apartment hunting and I feel bad about it but what can I say, I love it?


And some of the empty (or, mostly empty) drawers in the TV unit. Good thing I didn’t pack up all of those Wiimotes; we had a house guest today and the three of us played Mario Kart.


Speaking of Kijiji!

I’ve sold 2 items on there (for a total of $25 that I didn’t have before) and I have 2 more items leaving on Monday. (Well, three, if you count the lamps separately). I’ve still got more to add; today I put up Dave’s pre-health science textbooks. If I don’t get any bites on the rest of my goods, I’m dropping the prices dramatically. I want it all gone! And that was today’s edition on: How to Move.

For the curious: we still do not have a new place to move into. 32 days until we have to be out of here. (Ideally, 20 days.) There’s so much pressure I might turn into a diamond. Wish us luck and apartment availability!

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