July 21st – Pt. I

First things first, I just want to apologize for the radio silence around here at Broader Borders. These last few days have been absolutely crazy and we are now finally getting back to our regularly scheduled life. Some updates you might be interested in knowing: we were accepted into our #1 apartment choice and have been working through those details for the last few days (stay tuned for a post showcasing all of the apartments we saw before we found The One), we threw a yard sale (what this post is about) AND we threw a Block Party (this will be another follow-up post). Then we spent a day, just the two of us, relaxing at the beach and enjoying some Folk Fest music and eats. I spent today cleaning up the damage done to our apartment after a busy weekend and now, finally, we are back to “normal.” Normal for us, anyway. 🙂

When I say Yard you say Sale. Yard! (Sale!) Yard! (Sale!) I did not take nearly enough photos to properly convey how our yard sale turned out. Here’s the main game plan of what we did to make it happen:

-Have someone convince you to have a yard sale instead of just taking everything to Value Village

-Sign up for the community yard sale happening on the same day as as the block party that you are helping to organize

-Immediately regret the decision to have a yard sale but realize it’s too late to turn back

-Make piles all over the house of items you know are useable and will probably sell

-Decide that you do not care at all about any amount of money you are getting from this sale <— this really helped reduce the stress of the event

-Find someone to be in charge of gathering up the goods at the end of the sale to take to donation so they will not, I repeat: WILL NOT, come back into your house

-Sit in your driveway for an ungodly amount of hours, sweating your life away and wishing you were still sleeping/preparing for the really busy day you have ahead

-Continue regretting your decision to throw this sale and ask people what THEY want to pay YOU for items

-Around 12 pm decide that you are D O N E; have your husband bring your furniture to the backyard and resign to putting up a “FREE” sign on your front door and walk…away…

-Take a shower. Put on your I ❤ OEV volunteer shirt for the block party and get that party started

Here are the very few photos that I did get, revolving around the sale:

That’s not so bad, right?


WAIT WHAT. Sorry about the blur, it was a shocking scene and I didn’t take more than one photo.


The single photo I got of our Yard Sale.

This is what it looked like after the sale  and block party. Yikes.

We made about $80, which I suppose is pretty good. I still would have just as happily sent everything to VV two weeks ago, but it is what it is. And other phrases that mean exactly what they mean.

Stay tuned for more moving posts and a metric tonne of block party photos.


  1. Dave

    You forgot to mention our little lemonade hustlers in their tiny white chairs. Maybe hustlers is too strong considering how quickly they got bored of it.

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