July 21st, Pt. II

The Old East Village Block Party!

It happened; it really, really happened! It had been such a crazy roller coaster of a planning process, but it all came out perfect in the end (and any hiccups we had on the day-of didn’t seem to matter as much.) It takes a lot of help from the people around us, a lot of planning and organizing (two of my specialties) and a lot of time (something I’m also gifted with, these days). We started the planning this year around April and the party happened this past Saturday, July 21st.

So, one of my ideas was to have a Photo Booth. Which meant I had to manage that from the idea to the finish product. I think I did a pretty good job (pictures from the photo booth to come in another post.)

Let’s get to ’em!



Here are two people that I somehow tricked into helping me set up the photo booth

And from the front.


Here are a few pictures of the set-up:

One bounce house


The stage!


The other bounce house. Looking good!

This was right as the party started.



The dunk tank being filled up. Oh yeah – two hoses!

This is our ward Councillor, the Mayor and the (former) President of the OEV. (With the two ladies who were helping me in the Welcome Booth that the Mayor insisted were in the picture)

The crowd is filling up!

We had community booths:

One of the booths we had – trying to save a local school from being closed down the school district.


Another booth – helping share the history of the neighborhood.


This was a booth where you could write what you wanted out of the community on a “brick” and they made a Wishing Wall.


I had Dave take this picture of us at the Welcome Booth


We also had local artist booths:




More paintings

We had a kid’s area that had tables for crafts, hair braiding and face painting, relay racing and hand stamping:

Kid’s Tent







One of our volunteers, who spent a lot of time on that small shelf…

I finally got a picture of him going in!


Look at that crowd filling up! It must be food time.


We had food sold to us at cost from the local farmer’s market and some of it donated completely. We’re talking 1,000 pieces of sausages, 100ish pizzas (cooked on the BBQ), veggie burgers, local corn, garlic bread, spring rolls and caramel corn!


There it is!

And don’t forget the snow cones!


The omnipresent Kenny D


Flash mob dancers!


This was Mike’s idea – and boy, was it a good one!

There was more than just the one guy watching; I just thought it was a cool shot.


This was all her idea.

Her view.


Block Party mascot?


A couple-a volunteers.

You never saw him without it!


The night is winding down.

Final band


Final crowd


The group shot we got of (most of) the volunteers!



Phew! There was like a million and one pictures. I think it captured the day pretty well.

We had an estimated 2,200 people show up (grown from 1700ish from last year) and raised $537.94 in donations, $194 from a raffle and at least $1,200 from selling t-shirts (with a big list of people who are interested in MORE t-shirts.) We have a wrap-up meeting and potluck planned for this weekend to talk about everything that happened on the day and get together for some fun, downtime with all of our volunteers.
And that, my dear readers, is what I’ve been spending my time on for the last few months. It was worth every second!


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