Photo Booth!

Hi folks! It’s been a crazy couple of days and I missed my every-other-day posting streak once again! I guess that goal was just too lofty (even though I’ve got a whole line-up of posts ready to go!) Saturday evening we had our Block Party wrap-up meeting followed by a potluck. I spent some time cuddling my nephew who was working his way through some kind of sickness (he threw up at least 8 times that evening – this is foreshadowing.) We stayed outside for awhile after dark, which always always always ends up in me getting attacked by mosquitoes. (I have no less than 10 bites on my hands/wrists from that night.) If anyone in a room is going to get bit by something, it’s going to be me. What isn’t typical is waking up at 6 am the next morning to a burning hand. It was itchy and puffy and red, oh my! Recently, Dave had a swollen hand/eye flare up and we rushed him to the doctors only to be given Benadryl and some hydrocortisone cream. That made me feel not as nervous about the current appearance of my hand. But, I was without Benadryl! I took a Claritin and got an icepack on it and tried (unsuccessfully) to get back to sleep. When I was finally able to get myself out of bed, I headed straight to the drug store and bought some Benadryl. I got home, took some and passed out for most of the day. I woke up, put ice on it again and fell back to sleep. I woke up with a frozen hand, which was a little bit scary at first. Before I went to bed for the night, I Benedryl’d it up again and I was out until the late morning on Monday. My, my, how time flies!

When I got around to looking at my phone, I saw that my sister-in-law and her husband had caught what their son had on Saturday and didn’t have a good night. So, I went and collected him for a bit so they could have a break and maybe catch a nap. Everything was fine until I got back home from dropping him back off and then I felt nauseous; Dave informed me that he was having stomach cramps, as well. I won’t get into the gory details, but suffice it to say that Dave and I were pretty much out of commission all day yesterday. I was SURE I had a fever, but my thermometer only told me lies. We spent the evening in bed, catching up on our weekly shows and eating toast for dinner. Today I am on the mend and am able to work through some packing and purging and cleaning (with lots of breaks in between!). We made some decent progress today. Yesterday was Dave’s last day working from home, so he packed up his work computer and now I can use that space to stack boxes!





But, anyway, enough of that update! Here are the results from our Photo Booth from the Block Party. That backdrop was hand painted by yours truly with the help of my dear friend Rebecca who is never afraid to freehand her own font.
We had a LOT of participants on this photo booth, I’m only going to show you my most favorite pictures:

I loved all the ones of just a solitary kid hanging out. It helps that I’m close to this little lady, too.

He’s nice.

This is Mike (brother in law/head honcho/dude in charge) and our music planning volunteer, who was just as happy as a clam!

And there’s that whole, nice, Campbell clan! Each of them showcasing their own, special personality. 🙂

A crowd favorite. This is the first blog appearance of a nephew of mine!

Hi Dave!

Ken’s shirt should have said “I heart Dave”

I get it!

New to the neighborhood & first-year volunteers!

Bailey offered to take a “love picture” of us. I wish we would have gotten more together during the day but we were both pretty busy.

Some more of our happy volunteers

This was after he changed out of his wet, dunk tank clothes.

Ken’s crush slowly moved to Fraser. This is how Fraser responded to that.

These were the guys that we rented the bouncy castles from, they really REALLY had a fun time. They kept telling me all day how much fun it was.

Tweens! These ladies were a handful. They kept trying to get more of our free raffle tickets and I kept asking them where their parents were.

Another family photo that encompasses some individual personality.

And, finally, one of my favorite photos ever taken of the Dave-ster.


Now, I’ve got to get back to my laundry list of to-Kijiji items. Stay tuned for that post, another that involves space planning for our new apartment and maybe some window shopping thrown in. It’s practically August which puts us on our final 2-week countdown!

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