Moving Update!

We weren’t sure if it would work out this quickly but the stars lined up for us today and it’s, honestly, such a huge relief. We are getting possession of our new apartment tomorrow! We’re going to have lots of time to make the move happen which puts us in a really good position. The big stuff will all go on Saturday in a U-Haul, followed by a few trips back and forth to tie up some loose ends (turning off utilities, selling some Kijiji items, etc.)

Being able to clean the apartment while it’s empty is really important to me and I will be able to do it! And, I’ll be able to do it leisurely, which is great because no matter how much of a planner you are there is always Something That Comes Up. Our current landlords have been really great to us and I want to leave them this apartment as clean as when we moved in. Which reminds me to tuck in some cleaning supplies for our trip tomorrow so that I can get some basic disinfecting done before I start putting things away. And, toilet paper! Can’t forget toilet paper.

So, I took some photos of the current state of our living space. We made some serious progress today and it is so nice to see everything lining up. Pardon the blur on these photos (again!) I shot a couple photos really quickly and uploaded them without looking into it. It’s getting late and I don’t think it’s worth the re-take.

Dave moved those boxes up from the basement so that there is less to do on Move Day. Smart thinking!

A couple of piles of things that we’re going to bring up with us tomorrow. (Breakables, easily dumped out bins that we can bring back with us and some oddly shaped items.)

Our bedroom! I’m pretty impressed with the progress I made in here, today. It was untouched since my last update, showing the empty bookshelves.

The kitchen, in all it’s blurry glory. I packed up a lot of those cabinets just today!

Boxes, boxes everwhere.

And, finally, the scariest picture of them all:

Yikes! It might not look organized but, trust me on this one, it is. And, all of those white drawers are EMPTY!


That is where our tour ends!

Stay tuned for some exciting moving-related posts! I have some fun ideas using time lapse (if I can figure out how to make it work for us.) And, of course, I’ll have to ask for your pardon if there is some silence over here. Don’t worry, it only means I’m busy doing things that will be later featured as posts! Here’s a little preview for what is to come in the very near future:

Rebecca, the Interior Design Goddess in my life, made me a floor plan of our new apartment! It helped Dave and I so much, we were able to get a visual of our current furniture placement and figure out what we HAD to put up on Kijiji. She left the program open and I added a few things that were forgotten or switched around. Then I added things like cats and me, lounging on the couch. Also seen: Dave pointing at me.

Now, I need to get to sleeping. I’ve got a big day tomorrow. Wish us luck!

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