Moving Day!

I’m back at Starbucks making another post. You know what that means? It means we’re still without Internet at home – and it’s starting to get on my nerves! I was really hoping we’d have it up before we left for our getaway at a cottage next week so that I could line up a bunch of posts to go up while I’m away so there isn’t ANOTHER week of radio silence around here, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. What is going on with the wiring is a long and complicated story, but suffice it to say it should be (SHOULD BE) all fixed on Monday. Which, hopefully, means that when we return from our vacation, we’ll be wired for service. On the plus side, there is no shortage of computers for me to still write my posts out on, which I then save to a USB stick and bring over to the nearest (or, least crowded) Starbucks.

I couldn’t bear to wait until we returned from our vacation to post about our moving day, as it would be over 3 weeks old news. So, I wrote this up yesterday – and it totaled out at just under 1600 words. Now I can work on shortening it and adding a bunch of pictures so it doesn’t feel that long.  Here goes nothing!

We had an appointment for 10 am to be able to pick up our U-Haul. Dave ran out to get us a Tim Horton’s breakfast while I took a shower, before it was pick-up time.  As it was nearing 10 am, we went and picked up our two helpers for the morning, Leighton and Rachel. Leighton went with Dave to get the Uhaul while Rachel and I went to get some bottles of water for the workers and we headed back home, where I gave her the grand tour and showed her our space-planned Uhaul.


We were not joking around.

Here are some “before” photos:

Living room

There’s a TV under there!



Mom – look at the dining table all wrapped up!

I think this is just what happens when you have an extra bedroom, especially when you’re moving!

Once Dave and Leighton showed up with the U-Haul, we did one more group chat to make sure everyone was on the same page, and we started loading! By 12:30, this was the view:

It couldn’t have gone better!

It’s all over!

We said our goodbyes to our two morning helpers, who were so amazing and helpful and who we could not have had such a smooth morning without, and spent some time chatting with our landlord (Well, he spent time cuddling the cats. He really likes them!) By the time Danny arrived (1:30), Dave and I had a pretty good idea of what was going into the van and what was still being left behind. We had some Kijiji items to stay back, some things that belonged to other people, cleaning supplies (for our return visit later in the week to do a final clean) and other random things.

Here are some photos I snapped before Danny arrived:

Living room

That’s a much better look for the 2nd bedroom.

They loaded up the van, our car and the front of the U-Haul with as much as could fit/what we deemed more important than other things. I packed up the food from the fridge and freezer, got that into our trunk, then zipped the cats up into their carriers. I drove in our car with the kitties (who meowed the ENTIRE. TIME.), Danny drove the van and Dave drove the U-Haul. We arrived in Brampton around 4 pm.

My kitty companions

I had enough time to give Danny a tour, let the cats outta their bags (ha!) and get the food into the freezer and fridge when Dave’s parents arrived! Dave had not yet arrived, so the four of us worked on bringing in the items from the van and from our car. Dave got there shortly after, we team-worked backing the U-Haul up as close to the back door as we could get it and started the less fun job: Unloading.

See, people were trying to tell me that unloading would be soooo much easier than loading was but I never believed it for a second. I especially didn’t believe it after the smooth, 2 hr loading job we had had that morning. If you think about loading and unloading in the most basic situation, it would make sense. Once it’s all loaded, all you have to do is pull everything out, no thinking required! But, our situation was different. First of all, when we were loading, we had the apartment laid out completely organized, with every type of box sitting together so that we knew where everything was. More importantly, perhaps, is that we had pulled the U-Haul right up to our front door. So when you took a box “outside” to load it, you stepped right onto the ramp and walked right into the back of the truck. Unloading, we couldn’t get that close, but we also had four stairs to walk up, a door to walk through, half a flight of stairs to walk down, a door to walk through, a hallway to walk through, turn a corner, down the hallway some more, into the apartment, make a left walk into the living room, drop the box and turn around to do it all over again. I’m getting tired just thinking about it!

Now, it’s 4:30 in the afternoon, I just wanted it to be all over.

It had gotten significantly hotter and more humid by this point, but we were still working through it. Back and forth and back and forth. Then! It came time to move that big monster of a couch we have. Here, you might remember it from our floor plan:

I look so comfortable!

The long and short of it is: it didn’t fit. We worked on it for what felt like hours, but was probably half of one. (I worked at it from mostly a “hey try this angle” or helping Danny lift his end while Dave and his dad were at the bottom of the stairs with theirs.) We got it down the stairs, through the door, down the hallway and that’s where it ended. It was too long to be able to get a straight-shot through our apartment door. We knew we’d have to angle it up to make it work (because when you enter the apartment, you’re in the middle of the hallway) but we didn’t calculate the hallway outside of the apartment, which needed to be wider.

So, then the most disappointing part of the day was when they had to turn around and bring it back out. By the time the guys were done, they were drenched with sweat (seriously, it was huuumid.) They changed their shirts and we decided to take a dinner break as it was nearing 6:30. Dave’s parents took off after dinner, so the three musketeers (me, Dave and Danny) headed back to clean up the rest of the mess. After all of the big items were in (bookshelves, pantry, hutch, mattress) and the couch got moved to the dumpster (*single tear*), Danny took off on his 3.5 hour journey home.

That left approximately 85 boxes for The Big Man (as he calls himself) and I to take care of. We had a pretty good pattern going, I would load up the ramp with boxes, push them down and stack them neatly at the bottom of the stairs. Then, Dave would carry them (sometimes two at a time!) into the building, down the hall and into our apartment. And then, once I had about oh, we’ll say, 30% of the boxes outside of the U-Haul, I heard some faint thunder. “No.” I thought to myself. That must be an airplane! About ten minutes later, I heard it again. Dave had just stepped outside and I asked him if he heard that. He didn’t, but he took my word for it and switched from working on the big tubs to the small, cardboard boxes. I shrugged and kept at my job.

And then it happened. It got dark – FAST. And I silently panicked. I jumped out of the truck and saw raindrops were starting to fall. I pushed all of the cardboard boxes that I had sitting on the edge of the U-Haul back into it, pushed the ramp up and closed the door as fast as I could. It was coming down pretty steadily at that point, but Dave had gotten all of the cardboard boxes under the awning of the stairs. He worked on moving those down the half-flight and storing them underneath while I worked on moving all of the plastic tubs under the awning. By the time all of those boxes were safely not in the rain, we were completely soaked and completely out of breath! I stood there, just watching the rain for a bit, amazed at what had just happened.

Then, I grabbed my phone:

I sat inside for a while, texting my mom. I said something about how badly my feet hurt, how the neighbors could see me without pants on (I took them off because they were SOAKED) and how I wanted to cry; blah blah it’s all a blur now. Dave went back out there before I did, moving boxes to underneath the stairwell. I joined him and started moving them from there, to our front door. Stacking, stacking, stacking. This felt like a never-ending process. I didn’t even want to look at the truck to see how many boxes were left. At some point Dave told me there was like 16 boxes and I wanted to scream with delight. That gave me a good kick in the pants to keep moving.

This was our apartment around 9:30 pm:

This is approximately when I first discovered there was no overhead light in our new living room.

We carried the last box in together and I could not have been more delighted at that very moment. Then, since we were so hopped up on Good Feels, we decided to go return the truck. I wanted my chance to drive it, since I chickened out earlier on the big drive and I drove it to the U-Haul store (I followed Dave and told him to only take right turns). It was fun!

We got back home, let the cats out of the bedroom, flopped the mattress onto the floor, plugged the TV and DVD player in, watched Juno, drank a beer and passed out. We slept on dirty sheets with dirty pillow cases but it was honestly the last thing I cared about, I had been drenched in sweat all day so who I was I to judge?

This is how Tikky spent her time.

We got up the next morning and decided we did not want to sleep on the floor again. It was a rough night of sleep (especially once I was woken up by Murray, who was panting and meowing from about 5-9 am.) So we took showers, put on clean clothes (from an overnight bag I packed!) and made our way to Ikea.

As it is now, I can’t decide if it’s worse to move in the middle of the winter or the middle of the summer in Ontario. And, that’s where I will leave this post, as it is already far too long! (Now over 1900 words!)


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