I’m Baaaack!

A few quick updates:

  1. We are officially Back from Vacation. We returned home Saturday afternoon, taking our time with the scenic drive home. I’ll have a full vacation recap post (with lots and lots of pictures) up later this week.
  2. While we were gone some technicians came in and finally – FINALLY- got the wiring issue all settled and now we are officially connected! That’s right, I’m typing and posting this from my very own computer in my very own office. Hallelujah!
  3. Yesterday we took a trip to Ikea (on a Sunday!) and purchased 3 new dressers and a new desktop; today we spent some time emptying boxes and bags that have been taking over this room and things are starting to look a lot better around here!
  4. Dave starts school in ONE WEEK. We are both pretty excited to see this play out and this room is just about ready for his all-night study sessions.

And now for the reason that brought you here: a doula update! I’ve been busy lining up my requirements and getting ready to really buckle down into study time, but before I show you any of that I’m going to give you an idea of What It Takes.

The number one question I get when I tell people I am training to be a doula (after, “A what?”) is “How does that work?” Well, here it is, broken down into a nice graphic that I whipped up with my own two baby-birthing hands. First, a title for these posts:

Get it? It’s like a “To-Do” list…

Okay, okay, here it is for real this time:

And that’s it! Simple enough, right? I left out a lot of details like everything that goes into each birth and the requirements for the essays, but this is just an overall look so you can have some idea. I have made some progress since I first created this graphic, but I wanted to show it to you as a blank slate before I started checking things off. So, there it is!

While making this graphic, I was simultaneously looking up the requirements it takes to become a postpartum doula. I noticed that there was a quite a bit of crossover (and some of the requirements can be filled with the same family, i.e. being there for their birth and helping with their baby for the week or so immediately after would fulfill requirements for both doula positions). So, I still have some thinking/planning to work through but if it makes the most sense financially and time-wise (as long as I can keep a solid focus while double-learning) then it looks like I might also work on fulfilling requirements for a post-postpartum doula certification. I always thought I would go through that certification as well, I just didn’t think about doing it at the same time, until now. The workshop for that would take place in November, so I would have some time after the first (end of October) to fulfill other requirements (I’d need to take a breastfeeding class before the PPD workshop, for example).

Okay, well, that’s all for now! Stay tuned for a photo post and, of course, lots of updates to the above graphic.

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