This Land is Your Land?

Here is our Vacation Recap! First, I’ll start with a nice long list of all of our activities and then I’ll throw a bunch of pictures at you. Sound good? Good.
Dave’s parents rented a cottage up on the Bruce Peninsula in an area known as Lion’s Head. Here’s where it is on the map:

And for those of you unfamiliar with the area, here is a more zoomed out version:

The “A” is the Bruce Peninsula

-The crew (Dave’s immediate family, brother-in-law, two nephews and two dogs) all arrived on Saturday, with us following closely behind on Sunday
-Monday, Dave and I took a mini-trip to Sauble Falls where he wanted to spend some time feeling around the rocks at the bottom for his missing wedding ring from last years’ fall-jumping adventures (no such luck!)
-Tuesday was my birthday, which I spent knocked out with a cold, but I took some pictures and got to explore Lion’s Head with my mother-in-law (which was about all we had energy for, that day!) Dave (and the rest of the crew) went to Flowerpot Island without us.
-Wednesday Dave and I went on a hike (a section of the Bruce Trail) and enjoyed some beautiful views.
-Thursday, the guys all went golfing (snooze-fest) – Dave’s first time! I enjoyed some swimming and I cooked an elaborate dinner. When they got back they had a Man Swim, which I got some great photos of (the sun was setting and it was gorgeous on the water.)
-Friday, we took a family trip to Dorcas Bay/Singing Sands, then half of us went to the Grotto for another hike & swim and the other half (me, included) went back to the cottage. That’s when my MIL and I decided to drive into Wiarton to do some window shopping and try to find Wiarton Willie (Canada’s answer to Punxsutawney Phil.)
-Saturday we woke up, cleaned and were on the road at 10 am! Dave and I took the scenic route home, we stopped back through Wiarton so that I could show him Willie’s home and at a Farmer’s Market where we picked up some fresh bread and DILL GARLIC SCAPES AKA THE BEST TASTING THINGS ON THE PLANET

Now, for the photos!

Road trip! I like the Instagram version of this picture way better than the original.

We arrived!

View from the road in front of the cottage

Searchin’ and searchin…

I just watched.

Surfin’ USA!

This dude jumped right in front of me and I nearly jumped out of my skin!

Fire time!

Dave practiced some light-writing.

Our room! Dave liked how the door “disappeared” when it was closed.

This was our view from the deck.

The view from the water. Look at that big annoying stick right in our way!

Take note of that peninsula on the right.

Trying out ALL of the amenities.

The oven was super wonky and my birthday cake got burnt (yellow cake, chocolate frosting – shout out to Auntie P!) So instead I had a cherry pie that was cooked on the BBQ!

Dave’s checking out his new home

Found it!

Thank you, self timer.

We made it! Remember when I told you to notice that peninsula from the other photo? That’s where we are standing! The indent in the water you see on the left is the Lion’s Head Marina and their beach, our cottage was 1.5 km to the right of that.

Trying to get the crew to see us in the binoculars! (They did eventually, after a lot of singing and arm waving.)

That water!

The view down!

Team Sequence!

The craziest caterpillar I’ve ever seen. I saved its life.

From this punk.

And then – a rogue bear appears! Kidding, it’s just Mike!

Finally – the moon! I hadn’t seen it all week.

Those sticks just kept moving over every day! Danny fixed it for us. Someone could trip!

Family Beach Day!

Someone’s excited…

…to eat sand!


We found Willie’s House!

But no Willie 😦

Okay, so here’s a story I didn’t tell; I’ll try to make it short. We had an annoying neighbor who was all up in our grill ALL WEEK. Throughout the week, she told us all of these things (mostly at different times):

-Her grandfather used to own all of the property on this street
-Her aunt used to own our cottage
-Our cottage owners should have never paved their driveway and they should live in Detroit if they love pavement so much
-We can’t use the driveway or the basketball net that is in it
-We can’t use our porch light
-We can’t let the coals of our fire pit burn out on their own
-Someone was throwing rocks at her dog
-Those sticks that are crossing over our direct line of view to the water is her PROPERTY LINE
-The big rocks in the water belong to her and we can’t jump off of them

Anyway so we were all pretty tired of her by the end of the week, so the guys and I came up with a few different ideas of a fun prank to pull on her. We decided on just removing “her” “property line” sticks on the last night and hiding them in the woods behind our cottage. That’s where the above photo comes into play. She came by the next morning and said , “I understand that you removed my sticks. I want you to put them back before you leave.” Of course, we didn’t know what she was talking about, ignored her and enjoyed our stick-free view of Ontario navigable water which, under the water laws of the province, can never be owned. I mean, we were just cleaning up for the next family!

I wanted to stop through Wiarton again on the way home to show Dave Willie’s house. We didn’t see him and walked around the back where there was a plexiglass wall and still couldn’t see him. Then I hear Dave in the front “I SEE HIM! I SEE HIM!” I ran around the front and got a few pictures!

I just wanted to take him home!

That’s all, folks!

Exciting times ahead – Dave starts school on Tuesday, I’m taking a trip out to CA to see my sister’s new house, then I’m back and jumping full-time into Job Hunting and Doula Studying. Bye for now!

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