Settling In

I was scrolling through all of my picture folders looking to see what I hadn’t posted about and I realized I haven’t even given you a real-life apartment tour since the Moving Day photos. I took pictures on the 5th of August (the day after Moving Day or “MD”), on the 15th and randomly since then, on my phone. So, here those are! There are still lots of things that have changed and a few things that I have at the top of my list.

Living Room

Okay, so on Moving Day (or, the Morning After) when you enter the apartment and turn to the left you saw this:

Further in.

And further still.

We started out in this room and we went at it HARD. I wanted a place to sit and I knew that there were a metric tonne of boxes that were only filled with books (topped with DVDs.) So, we started on those first, as they are pretty easy to unpack and throw onto the bookshelves. I also thought it would be fun to make a time-lapse video. This is my first one ever and it was FUN. Here you go:

And if you can’t catch what it looked like at the end of the day on the 5th:

Dave looks mad. Don’t worry, he only attacks when provoked.

to the right of that

And the 15th!

Further in…

The sad part is that that corner looks pretty much exactly the same as I type this. Those are all boxes that used to live in our basement that I really need to go through again and figure out what closet to sacrifice to them.

Dining Room

Make a right and you’re in the “dining room.” This is on MD.

And the next day! All of the brown boxes stacked in front of the bookshelf are kitchen boxes. I didn’t get to those until a few days later.

And the 15th! it’s almost like a functional dining room! You may notice a few pieces of new furniture in the back.

We bought these on Kijiji for $20 (for both!) because our microwave was seriously crowding our very limited counter space. These pieces make me feel like my great grandmother, which I guess is fitting since that’s her dining room table. If only that microwave was actually a 13″ black and white TV.


Blurry, but you can see how sad it was after MD.

Looking a little nicer after 24 hours.

You might be wondering what Dave was doing while I was taking these progress pictures on the 15th. He was making us dinner!

Office & Craft Room

The office after MD

Then we got a desk assembled.

Don’t worry – the left side of the room still looked like this.

Then we picked up another tabletop from Ikea to really utilize our space the best way.

Master Bedroom

The one and only night we slept with the mattress on the floor was MD. Attractive litter box!

Day 1 in the apartment not only consisted of organizing that living room but also of going to Ikea! On a Sunday! After we had (just barely) survived MD!


The next day we brought our nightstands in.

The closet – we switched out the knobs for some extras we already owned.

Then it was time for the next priority: avoid thy neighbors.

The 15th. We added a chair!

Oh but there is more where that came from, my friends. It is time for time-lapse #2! After we got back from our cottage vacation, we headed back to Ikea to solve our dresser-less problem. Here are the results:

Which then resulted in this:



Priority #1 in here was replacing that shower curtain. Which we did at Ikea for $1.75.

Then this happened! Oye. There was a leak.

It got put back together pretty quickly. We still don’t have proper hooks for our towels. One day!


Our only casualty from MD.

My linen closet! I have a linen closet! I have –never– had a linen closet before.

And here are your two hosts; thanks for stopping by!

That’s all for now! I will do this again once I get a few more items checked off of my to-do list.

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