Right in the T-Spot

Side note: I spent some significant time this week drafting and lining up posts for the next three weeks! I’m pretty excited about my new schedule (a post will go up on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.) Here goes nothing!

Labor Day weekend included an overdue birthday celebration in Toronto with some of my most favorites from London. I was only there for a little over 24 hours, but it was fun-filled! Dave and I drove up on Saturday, he left after dinner that evening, and I came back home on the train the next day. Here it is, in pictures:


You should always take a picture of yourself in the elevator of fancy hotels. Trust me.

Rachel tried hiding behind this art piece to scare Rebecca and Carrie and, instead, she scared some random innocent people and I almost died laughing.

We wandered around looking for The Perfect Place for dinner and Rachel and I chose…..

Mexican! Surprised?

Group shot! I think he was making us say queso? Or, habanero? I don’t know, but we all look pretty dumb.

Then we headed over to The Library Bar to get a drink or two and check out the scenery. It wasn’t as “library-y” as we had hoped, but it was still fun – and I’ll show you why!

This is my drink – the Hemingway Mojito.

Can you see who that is? It’s Jody, from the Real Housewives of Vancouver. I spotted her right when she walked in and alerted the presses aka the loud group of girls I was  with who kept saying HOUSEWIVES and wanting to take pictures.

And then I tweeted her. Note the girl in the green dress you can see in the above photo.

If you watch the show, you’ll see she only calls her most favorites silly magoos.

She was sitting at a table with Ronnie (who I am not impressed by) and then Mia walked in and I audibly gasped. She also walked right by me and was SO TINY and smelled like rainbows and fairy dust. I only tweeted Jody because she’s tops.

Moving on! And don’t think the celebrity sightings are over – oh no, they have just begun!

The next morning we went to the St Lawrence Antique Market, I was looking for an oversize mirror for above my new dressers but I found NOTHING. Not even something else that could convince me to spend money on. Nope, I was heart-set on a mirror and I never found it, so I left empty handed. We did have to fuel up during the antique hunting and once we spotted a sign that read “Brunch and $3 Mimosas” we were sold!

This is what I brunched on – Asian Sesame Salad.

We went back to the hotel to get out of the heat for a bit and then decided to head down to the Harbourfront Centre to see what this Ashkenaz Festival was all about (we saw it advertised in a paper the night before, under the “free entertainment” section.)

Sharon and Bram! Of Sharon, Lois and Bram fame!

If you’re not Canadian, you wont know who these people are. But, basically, they are famous children entertainers. Not the Miley Cyrus kind; they entertain children. Famous entertainers of children. That’s right, they were on TV and everything! Everyone I know here is obsessed with them so I did exactly what I needed to do – I sat on the AstroTurf with all of the kids and belted out such hits as “Down on Grandpa’s Farm”, “I’m a Little Latke” and “Skinnamarinky Dinky Dink”. The kids around us just stared and stared.

The rest of the group didn’t know how I knew all of the songs – I was a kid once too, people! They assumed that Sharon Lois and Bram must have aired in the States, too. Wrong again, folks. I learned them from my mom? Nice try, but how would she have learned them? And! How would that explain the group sing-a-longs I would do at school? Oh, Sharon Lois and Bram didn’t actually invent “Skinnamarinky Dinky Dink”. [Dave’s note: No, they just perfected it.] Who knew? Just me. And I’m $1 richer because of it. (Thank you, Wikipedia.)

We opted for sitting where it was shady rather than in the front.

And then I did what I had to do – I got a photo! And I sent it to Dave to make him jealous. They were super nice and Bram was just the cutest thing in the world.

Then, we checked out the authentic Jewish attire:

We had our fill of heat, walking and churros so we headed back to the hotel once again to wait for Rachel to get off of work. Then, Rebecca and I went to Chipotle to grab a quick meal before I needed to hop on the train. We sat outside and people-watched.

On the train ride home, I was so sad about not returning with a mirror that I started looking on Kijiji. And, like clockwork, I found something perfect that we picked up the next day:

It’s HUGE (57″x39″) and I talked him down to $40. I’m so happy with it; Happy Labor Day to me!

And, speaking of Labor Day, I received by Birth Doula Certification Packet which means my 2 year countdown to complete it is on! September 4th, 2014. Wish me luck!


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