It’s been like, forevz, since I’ve done an OMP. And this summer I ate lots of great food, so I didn’t want these photos to go to waste. Soon enough it will be time for soups and pumpkin-themed everything!

The drink of Summer 2012.


Home County Folk Fest meal

The next four are from the same restaurant – Freshly Thai. We ate there when we drove up here to drop off our check to hold this apartment. Rebecca, Dave and I all ordered a vegan-friendly meal and then we all shared. Best idea we’ve ever had, I’m pretty sure:

My choice – Pad Thai

Rebecca’s choice – Thai Basil Pepper

Dave’s choice – Yellow Curry

And for dessert! They call it an FBI (fried banana with ice cream.) I obviously don’t indulge in the ice cream, but the FB part is to. die. for. This photo does not help to accurately display the size but it’s no bigger than a chocolate chip cookie.

Stir-fry from Earl’s in London that Dave brought me home when I was allergy-attacked.

A snack of 50% off Canada Day colored chips, with salsa.

The first meal with made in our new apartment – stuffed shells. Before the stuffing.

And, after!

This was a leftover burrito that Rebecca sent me home with from our going-away meal in London that she hosted. I smashed my own avocado to eat with it, the next day.

Homemade stir-fry

Not enough left over for a round two, so we bulked up the meal with veggie dumplings and a side of kale.

Granola for breakfast, anyone?

This was a veggie curry meal I had when we were on our cottage vacation (I may have already posted this photo.)

I finally got Dave to Panera! After a long day of running errands and being 30 minutes from home and famished, he caved!

Tabbouleh and crackers snack.

Gotta get those veggies in!

And now, I’m all caught up on food!


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