Another Dash of Summer

Turns out that summer food didn’t end as abruptly as I predicted it would, it my last OMP post. This food is mostly from my trip, we ate out a lot because of the kitchen situation (it not being functional.)

Flat bread appetizer from Seasons 52

The “veggie plate” from Seasons 52.

Veggie burrito from Wahoos.

Panera – half Mediterranean veggie and half Asian sesame salad.


My sister and split the. perfect. lunch. from Native Foods. Classic Deli Reuben with…

Crunchy Kale Salad.

With a Carrot Cream Cheese Cupcake for dessert. Oh, Native Foods, how I miss thee.

Buffalo Bomber with sweet potato fries from Veggie Grill (my first time.)

Forever fan.

When I got back, I went to the Asian grocery store nearby and picked up all this stuff for $5.

A free (!!!) veggie dog from the Brampton Day festival we stumbled upon.

The outside of a veggie roti I got from perhaps the craziest flea market I’ve ever been to.

The inside.




    Some of that food looked mighty nice. Maybe the carrot cake cupcake should be at the top of the list.


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