Happy Brampton Day!

One Saturday, while D and I were trying to figure out what we needed to accomplish for the weekend, I suggested that we check out the farmers market. It would get us out for a bit on the first day of Autumn and maybe we’d find something that would inspire us for dinners for the week. On the way there we noticed that Main St was closed down!


We pulled into a church parking lot and parked there (where lots of other people were parked too!) I saw this tent first and decided it was some kind of BBQ festival; my best guess was Ribfest.

I stood there for a moment and watched the crowd filter through the tent and I noticed that they were passing out hot dogs. Some Ribfest!

I turned to D and told him, but he was suspicious (as he is.) Once I convinced him that there was no money (or tickets) being exchanged, he hopped into line. And what did he emerge with? One beef hot dog and one VEGGIE DOG. A miracle. Well that put us in a pretty good mood, since we hadn’t yet eaten anything for the day. After we passed through the next tent (condiments and toppings) I saw a lady walk by with a stack of fliers. We got one and saw that this was Brampton Day! Who knew? Gage Park was crowded with booths and people, we didn’t really know where to start. We just started walking through and saw so many things:

Rock climbing

Carnival games

Tug of war

A dog! Who fights crime!

Not pictured: human bowling,the Zum bus you could walk on, a puppeteer, kettle corn, McDonalds passing out free coffee, various city-related booths passing out pencils and pins etc etc etc

We also signed up with a community cleaning program which earned us one (1) reusable tote for promising to fill up a provided garbage bag with unwanted garbage at a park at any point during the month of October.

They still had the farmer’s market, it was just on the street this time (instead of in the Square where it usually is.)

This man was getting down with the Caillou theme song.

So, they had this turkey in a cage that you got to guess the weight of? Anyway the reason why I’m posting is because I overheard this conversation:
Man: What do you think? 100 pounds? 200! It’s gotta be close to 200!
(The turkey was 67 pounds.)

The Square! Where they had local jewelry and artisan booths set up.

They gave away cupcakes! (not vegan) And samosas (vegan!)

Getcha eggplat’s ‘ere!

We picked up a party basket.

Look who was performing at the Square! Let’s zoom in…

Michael! Jackson! I wished I had the Campbell boys nearby, I knew they would have loved this.

Information that would have been helpful in the beginning: a map I found as we were leaving.

p.s. I snapped that photo while Dave was in line getting ANOTHER HOT DOG. What a jerk, right?


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