What Time is it?

This one really  the embraces the “H” in DIYH. So the deal is, we’ve had this clock for some time (I think I’ve had it since before-Dave time, actually.) It stopped ticking and we blamed it on the batteries we were using (we use reusable batteries for everything, but sometimes even those things die!) It also could have been the “paper” peeling up, keeping the hands from being able to freely move.

You can see it curling up – between the 11 and the 2.

Dave suggested that I “DIY something to fix it,” assuming it wasn’t the batteries. I came up with a few ideas of what I would do to update it and we even decided where we were going to hang it!

I took it apart and here’s how it looked:

I tried taking off the hands next, but they wouldn’t budge. I decided I would have to cut a slit in my new background and slide it on around them or figure out something else to Make it Work, when I got to that point. Now, it was time to peel off the “paper” backing

This is where I found out that it wasn’t actually paper, but this weird thin, plastic stuff.

Almost there. The tape was holding some pieces on tightly; it took a bit of work.

All done!

And…that’s it.

I periodically checked the hands as I was peeling, to make sure they were still moving (by turning the adjuster thing on the back.) They worked fine, even up until getting all of the backing off. I set the clock down while I was cleaning the little pieces up and noticed that Tikky (DAVE’S CAT) was chewing on the second hand! I tested the hands with the adjuster one more time and BAM – the hour hand would no longer move. I tried a few things, but it just hangs there. 😦

So, I failed to update a clock that was quite possibly already too broken to be fixed.


On an unrelated DIY note: I found out this week that Provo Craft, maker of the Cricut label, has adjusted their Angel Policy (a silly phrase used to describe licensing and copyrights in the craft world) and they now allow you to reproduce their artwork for profit as long as you stay under a few guidelines. So! What that means is, you may see me transition into a real-life Etsy Shop Owner, selling the latest in handmade cards! Potentially exciting times, ahead!


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