A Nature Walk

On actual-Thanksgiving day (Monday), Dave and I spent most of the day inside studying, unpacking and cleaning. Nothing was open and we didn’t have any celebrating to do, so we took advantage of the downtime. I suggested we get out and enjoy the nice fall weather by taking a nature walk! There are a few parks and trails near our apartment building so we layered up, I grabbed my camera and we took off!

On the way down this hill, I slipped in mud and landed right on my tush.


Hey, your roots are showing!

We stumbled upon a garden bombing!

Party on top, business down below.

Dave made a leaf pile.

And then tossed them!

There’s a big fuzzy bee right in the center of this photo.

The Charlie Brown Autumn Tree.

The ducks started coming towards us!

They gathered under Dave, who was tossing rolled up leaves for them.

There was this one white bird who kept his distance. Anyone know what kind of bird he is?

I like the really red ones.

Black squirrel crossing!

And that, my friends, was our Thanksgiving Day nature walk. I followed this up with a two ingredient pumpkin cake that is to. die. for. You’ll see it on an upcoming OMP post. I woke up this morning (Tuesday) with a sore throat and an earache. I guess that’s what I get for having a lazy day. Here’s to recovery!




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