Ikea Me!

It’s so nice to live near an Ikea again; I really took that place for granted when we lived in California. It’s so nice to be able to pop in for a quick  and inexpensive lunch, pick up a 2.99 curtain rod and buzz back home. I went in on Wednesday last week, to pick up the aforementioned curtain rod, and found out that Wednesdays are the day when they do construction and bring new inventory in. The place was a mess! I decided to do a little guided shopping tour and take pictures of the stuff I really like it. And, well, here it is!

One thing I did on this trip was sit on a few couches as that is still a missing component of our new apartment. This is the Karlstad, which is a nice option and comes in lots of different configurations. Sign me up for the dark grey fabric with black and white patterned pillows!

I also liked the Kivik, which had a deep seat. It didn’t have customizable configurations, but I liked the clean lines. If there’s one look I’m not into, it’s an overstuffed sofa.

I saw this tray on one of their sofa table displays. It has a nice weight to it and a good color!

Look at that sleek chair! It looks like it belongs on the set of Mad Men, stuck in a corner in Don Draper’s office.

I love the idea of a black and white room with some wood texture being brought in with baskets-as-art on the wall.

A nice, sleek, little bookend. Too bad it only came in “B.”

I will never not love these chairs; probably because a Louis will never be in my price range.

Framed fabric as art? You don’t say!

Grey and white polka dot reversible duvet cover. Love it!

This is exactly what I needed for my coat closet that is too small to fit out shoe rack. Sold!

A modern coat rack will be nice addition to my life when I grow up and have a real foyer or a mudroom.

Ikea is really on-mark with their kids stuff right now. I couldn’t believe how much stuff I liked! These curtains, the bunting and the rainbow stripes. I love them both!

With a matching blanket!

Is that broccoli with a face on that rug?

And matching bedding!

I just died! What better friends for my hypothetical future vegan kids than a stuffed broccoli and carrot? They wont have any real kid friends, anyway!

And don’t forget the little farmer’s market style of a basket of other vegetables. Not pictured: a basket of fruit.

They also had a circus theme going on, which I wasn’t really that into. Except for this circus tent and elephant floor cushion.

Add in a striped hooded towel, for good measure. I wish this came in my size!

I really liked these placemats; I thought they would look nice squared off and framed as art.

I liked the pattern on these bowls, it feels organic and kind of messy.

Perfect for giving holiday baked goods in.

Some nice sheers with a bold, floral pattern.

I freakin’ love this fabric, but I don’t have any good use for it so I always pass it up. (Well that, and $$.) I know I’ll regret this when it’s all gone.

My shower curtain!! Okay, it’s only “my” shower curtain because I like it so much. It’s $20 and Dave won this battle with a $1.75 shower curtain, instead. Never forget.

Something else that is grey and white. And striped! What can I say, these items just jump towards me.

Love it. If only I had a counter top in my bathroom, I would get this whole set (in my dreams!)

Except I’m not sure what this piece does, although I love the texture. Maybe it’s just meant to be a bud vase?

I love all of these clear-base lamps.

It also comes in a taller style.

I really like these bins. They would be great to hang off of a dresser for a cloth-diapering mama (for the used ones.) And then upcycled as toy bins for rooms outside of the kids room. In my imagination, of course.

They also come in teal! (And yellow, black and silver.)

These hexagon mirrors are so cool! For $20 you get five of the regular ones and five of the ones with a bronze tint.

Cookie cutters! Look at that moose!

A cake cutting and serving set. Does everyone own a set of these but me?

This was actually in my cart, before I talked myself out of it. I have this same set (but a different pattern) from last years Christmas design, that has never been open. Darn me and my rationality!

And even with those cupcake wrappers, I didn’t think about how they would probably have their Christmas stuff out. Not until I started heading towards the exist and I let out an audible gasp. It was being stocked, but I still was able to poke around. Look at these nice ornaments!

And garland! Grey, white, red (and kraft) is my favorite color combination for Christmas. Ikea always agrees.

What a nice stripe!

A Christmas tree that is made out of wood and can be flat packed! This is the kind of fake Christmas tree that I can get behind. Not enough to actually buy it, of course.

Bakers twine! I actually can’t believe I left this behind, I will for sure be back to get you, my pretties.

This either! A striped wrapping paper is good for all occasions. What was I thinking?

I saw this baby in the as-is section. If only I didn’t have more chairs than I know what to do with!

Okay, so usually the as-is section is the last stop before checkout. But as I was looking for the best line to jump into I noticed another section! It was called “Now or Never’. These white vases were there for 49 cents a piece!

There was actually 3 different styles; you can see their subtle differences here. I picked up two in the style on the left.That’s a 98 cent investment.

These were also in that section. I didn’t pick any up, but they were only 99 cents a piece. I thought my mom would like the pattern. Sorry, Mom. If I didn’t have to mail them, I would have got you a few!

And, that’s it! I wonder if that was as much fun for me as it was for you.



  1. Vanessa

    I love this post! I feel like I went shopping at Ikea and I didn’t even have to pack Caden up in the car! (this is also John’s favorite shopping for me, when I just look and don’t buy)

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