This is Halloween

Usually, I go full-force with my Halloween decorations. This year, for one reason or another, I haven’t felt inspired to cover my lamps in spider webs or make ghosts out of cheesecloth and liquid starch. I felt obligated to put up at least a few decorations, for my favorite holiday. And, even if we wont be able to have any trick-or-treaters (very sad) we’ll still participate in the best of traditions: pizza, beer and Hocus Pocus. Maybe we’ll go pick out a fun-sized bag of treats to keep around in a bowl throughout November, just for kicks.

The kitchen table. It’s festive and edible!

I’ve got this hanging on the back of our front door. Dave’s mom made it!


My skull bunting that I bought from Target last year. I just love those little faces.

A few items on top of the bookshelf. The black cat’s are wine bottles and the ghost is something my mom passed down to me.


Another little corner. Here are some of my pieces from a Nightmare Before Christmas desk set that my mom gave to me and one of my white vases from my last post!


We haven’t even carved pumpkins, yet! This is so unlike me.


In other news:

  • I’ve been fighting off a nasty sinus infection for the last couple of days. I started to feel a bit of relief tonight when Dave came to tell me that he had sinus pain after working out! Dun dun duuuuuuun…
  • My doula workshop is this weekend! I’m so excited to get started; the anticipation has been killing me! This week I’ve been going over the material, finishing up the study guide, interviewing my mom about childbirth, gathering items, printing agendas, brainstorming business names and ways to find clients. Phew! And I still need to make pumpkin bread! I’ll have a post next week to tell you all about it!
  • I’ve done some math and figured out that to be able to accomplish 30 things before I turn 30, I need to be doing almost one item per month! And, more than that, we are basically in November and I haven’t looked at that list since I posted it. All of that to say, you can look forward to seeing one of those update posts once a month. I have to keep myself on track! And, I’ve already decided on something that MUST go on there, which means something else is coming off!

That’s all for now!



  1. Nancy G

    I think you are very inspiring – do you think I have time to do 50 before I’m 50? also – I had no idea pumplin bread was a rquirement of being a Doula. Wow, it is a much more complex career than I could possibly have imagined!! I love your haollween decor – you put the rest of us to shame.

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