It’s About to Get Political

I hadn’t planned on writing an election post but I was so overwhelmed with everything that happened on Tuesday that I just couldn’t stop myself.

I felt very patriotic that day.

Dave and I planned our day so we could both be home and ready to watch the returns at 6 pm. Then we found out they wouldn’t be airing anything until 7 pm. That last hour was pure torture. (We only had Wolf Blitzer to get us through.)


Obama had an overwhelming victory on Tuesday and I’ve been swelling with pride since then. As it turns out, you don’t get to ignore women, ethnic minorities, homosexuals, youth, the middle class, veterans and still become the president of the USA.

Isn’t that great?

He won the popular vote:

By more than what was predicted!

He won the electoral vote:

Exactly as Nate Silver predicted. (Florida was just called a few hours ago!)

This map gave me anxiety for most of the night when state after state would turn red. But I always kept my good ol’ home state in the back of my head.

55 electoral points. BAM.

Here’s some other really great things that happened:

  • Both Romney and Ryan lost in their home states (for the presidential race. Ryan, unfortunately, still has his House seat.)
  • Obama took every swing state except for North Carolina
  • The Senate is still a Democratic majority:

Plus, 20 minutes after this was posted it became THE MOST RE-TWEETED TWEET OF ALL TWEETING TIME

Social Media records were broken, people.

I think this pretty well sums up the difference in the two candidates (both of these quotes came from their speeches at the end of the night):

  • Mitt: “Ann is the best choice I ever made.”
  • Barack: “Michelle is the woman who agreed to marry me.”

Here’s another one, for those of you paying attention:

  • Mitt talked about wives at home while their husbands are at war.
  • Barack said “military spouses.”

I just love his use of social media.

So, we did it! Again! 2008 was, of course, a monumental time in history. 2012 shows everyone that America has changed and we ain’t shutting up and taking it anymore.

But, hey, that’s not all American’s did on Tuesday. This stuff also happened:

  • Legalized marijuana for recreational use FOR THE FIRST TIME. (This happened in Colorado, Washington and Detroit; all of which will heavily tax the sales.)
  • Legalized gay marriage by popular vote FOR THE FIRST TIME.
  • Elected an openly gay senator FOR THE FIRST TIME. (Wisconsin)
  • Elected a practicing Hindu to congress FOR THE FIRST TIME. (Hawaii)
  • Elected an Asian-American woman to the senate FOR THE FIRST TIME. (Hawaii)
  • Elected a disabled female veteran to congress FOR THE FIRST TIME. (Illinois)
  • Elected an openly pansexual senator FOR THE FIRST TIME. (Texas)
  • Elected an all-woman delegation FOR THE FIRST TIME. (New Hampshire)
  • California passed a proposition to have a 1/4 cent sales tax increase to raise $6 billion for education.
  • California repealed the 3 strikes law for nonviolent offenses.
  • There was a 19% youth turnout; higher than in 2008!

There are now more women in Congress than ever before!



Seriously, put a fork in me – I. AM. DONE. It’s like Christmas came early this year.
I can’t leave this post without mentioning my favorite woman of the night:

Sorry not sorry.

I’ll just be over here, riding this wave for the next four years.

Or at least for the next four beers.

Yay! See you in 2016.

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