A Little to the Left

Hi friends! We have some exciting things happening around here. The first being that I have my first doula client! I am not going to get into any details about it, other than to say that. You can all keep your fingers crossed for me that it ends up being a qualifying birth (on average, you need 8 births to get the 3 that qualify for certification.) Also, Dave is starting his clinicals tomorrow, which is a pretty big step in his school plan. Also! We think we have found the perfect sofa for our little narrow-entrance apartment and are going to look at it tomorrow. It’s from Kijiji and I’m really excited about it and hoping it will jump start the rest of the organizing and settling in that is still left to be done around here.
But now, the reason for this post:

That’s right, another one!

A month-ish or so after we moved in, we hung curtains up on the wall (a renter-friendly way of adding a big splash of color into your living room). I did the same thing when I lived in a studio apartment and I really liked it and these curtains haven’t been used since then so I was Using What I Had, which is the number one goal around here these days. We lived with it for a while but there were some things that really bothered me about them.


Thing #1: the tabs at the top made it really hard for your eyes to be tricked into thinking it was a fancy paint color.


Thing #2: the two curtains would separate all of the time!

Thing #3 (not pictured): they were too long and would pool at the bottom.

So I fixed them. First I figured out how short I wanted them to be, folded the top over and ironed it flat.

Hey, nice picture-taking skills. “Did you hire a photographer for this project?” said no one.

Then I put fusible webbing (leftover from when my mom helped me hem some other curtains in 2008) under the band at the top.

I did each curtain all the way to the end, then ironed them with a damp washcloth on top (as per the directions.) I realized I should have left the top un-fused so that I could make them into one loop, but because I had just done it, it was easy to pull it apart:


Then I fused together the two curtains down the center, except for the top part, because I wanted to get that right.

Then I cut the tabs off, because you could see them through the curtains!

Here’s how I did the top part. I put the webbing down on the inside of the left curtain, placed the inside of the right curtain on to of it and ironed it. Then I put another piece of webbing on top of the right curtains top piece, placed the top piece from the left curtain on top of it and ironed it all down. Then I gently pulled the middle to make sure the webbing wouldn’t glue the whole thing closed.

Done! We also decided to take off the curtain rod end pieces and just have the curtain hang slightly over the edge.

And here’s the bottom; no more pooling! I wish they were a tad bit longer but I’m much happier with this than the “before” option.

And there is another DIYH project, brought to you by the letter Y for “yours truly” and the number 0.



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