I am a 27 year old American and my partner is a 25 year old Canadian. We met on the Internet in 2005, met in person in 2007 and eloped in a drive-thru in Las Vegas in 2008. I am a vegan, my husband is not. We have two cats, a 16 lb Maine Coon named Murray and a 6 lb calico-mix, named Tikky. We lived in Los Angeles together until December, 2009 then we moved to London, Ontario.

What We’re Doing

My husband is starting an RPN program that requires us to make a big move this summer, so we have decided to chronicle our journey, through this blog. Next summer I will be able to apply for Canadian citizenship. He will graduate as an RPN in April of 2014. After that, the world is our oyster!

Along with posts about moving, citizenship and immigration you will see typical lifestyle-blog posts, things I find interesting on Pinterest, feminist rants and maybe some TV/movie/album reviews by my husband, who I like a lot. And there will be pictures of our cats. Lots of those.

Hop on! It’s going to be a bumpy ride.



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