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  1. Emily

    You totally crack me up! Love your blog. I wish I had as much style as you all do. I was just wondering how you made the wall pieces, where you mentioned all the supplies were from the dollar store? And secondly, I have an old bookshelf that used to belong to my greatgrandmother but it’s really small/short, and currently it is filled with books and with an old boombox resting on top of it. Any tips on how to spiff it up? It’s short, and wooden. Thanks so much! 🙂 -Emily

    • Valerie @ Broader Borders

      Thanks for the compliments! Most of the artwork that I mentioned was just painting on blank canvasses that I found at the dollar store. The two letters and the heart are actually cork squares that I painted, stuck thumbtacks into and wrapped string around to form the different shapes. The ones that are in the shapes of California and Ontario were traced from a cut out I made from a printed silhouette onto foam sheets and then hot glued. 🙂

      As for your bookshelf – I would recommend painting it a bright or fun color. If you have an accent color you love (red, turquoise, yellow), go with that! Just sand it down thoroughly, use a wet cloth to remove the sand dust and paint away. Good luck!

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