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It’s About to Get Political

I hadn’t planned on writing an election post but I was so overwhelmed with everything that happened on Tuesday that I just couldn’t stop myself.

I felt very patriotic that day.

Dave and I planned our day so we could both be home and ready to watch the returns at 6 pm. Then we found out they wouldn’t be airing anything until 7 pm. That last hour was pure torture. (We only had Wolf Blitzer to get us through.)


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Fun in the Sun

Hi people! Time for me to re-cap my recent California trip. I was there for 10 days (8 Sept – 18 Sept) and the time flew by. As usual, it was harder to leave my family and friends behind than it was the last time. I’m a little disappointed in the lack of “important” photos I captured; on the plus side, I got a ton of my nephew. So, if you’re not interested in that…well, what are you even doing here? As previously mentioned, my sister and her husband recently purchased their home. They moved in on August 25, and have been renovating since the beginning of August. In between helping my sister make decor choices, comparison shopping, purchasing, unpacking and entertaining a 14-month old – we were pretty busy.

Let’s do this!

First of all, as I mentioned in my previous post, this was the first time I flew from Canada -> US. I was (and still am) confused about how that process works, but we’ll get into that in a bit. I looked up on the AA website the recommended amount of time I should arrive at the airport before my flight: 3 hours! I scoffed and decided 2 was enough. Keep in mind that my flight took off at 9:15 am, which meant getting the airport at 7:15 am. Short story short, I was sitting at my gate at 7:45 am. This was after going through customs. Crazy town.

My “window” seat.


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