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A Little to the Left

Hi friends! We have some exciting things happening around here. The first being that I have my first doula client! I am not going to get into any details about it, other than to say that. You can all keep your fingers crossed for me that it ends up being a qualifying birth (on average, you need 8 births to get the 3 that qualify for certification.) Also, Dave is starting his clinicals tomorrow, which is a pretty big step in his school plan. Also! We think we have found the perfect sofa for our little narrow-entrance apartment and are going to look at it tomorrow. It’s from Kijiji and I’m really excited about it and hoping it will jump start the rest of the organizing and settling in that is still left to be done around here.
But now, the reason for this post:

That’s right, another one!

A month-ish or so after we moved in, we hung curtains up on the wall (a renter-friendly way of adding a big splash of color into your living room). I did the same thing when I lived in a studio apartment and I really liked it and these curtains haven’t been used since then so I was Using What I Had, which is the number one goal around here these days. We lived with it for a while but there were some things that really bothered me about them.

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Get Outta Here!

Hey friends! I had just spent hours writing this post and then THE INTERNET EXPLODED OR SOMETHING and the post disappeared and it made me really sad. So, I took a break and watched and episode of 30 Rock and now it’s time to give it the ol’ College Try one more time. Anyway, so, I took a few days off because I was fighting a gnarly cold and couldn’t sit up, much less do something interesting enough to post about. But I’m back now!

Well, well, well…what do we have here? Another DIY(H) project? You don’t say! This one, I had been working on just a little bit at a time and I finally wrapped it up last week. Then all I had to do was hang it, take photos, write this post, format everything, lose the post to an Internet explosion, re-write and re-format everything…

Enough dwelling!

Alright! So, you know when you move into a new place and it takes you some time to settle in and, therefore, time to hang up art? You want to make sure you like the furniture where it is and sometimes you have a lot more (or a lot less!) wall space, so you have to work around that. Back when I was trying to decide on art pieces for our last living room I had the idea to do something with words. Not an ~inspirational quote~ because that’s not really my style, but something more like an obscure line from a popular 80’s rap that you can’t quite place until someone sings the first part of it for you. So, I had a list of quotes already. And, for this project, I let Dave have the final word.

How do you turn that into art? Well, I saw what Young House Love (one of my most beloved blogs) did with a yard sale painting (traced and painted ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE over it) and there it was – inspiration! And since we’re Ballin’ on a Budget over here – I had a goal of spending $20 or less. Let’s see if I did it!

Here’s the space in question.

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What Time is it?

This one really  the embraces the “H” in DIYH. So the deal is, we’ve had this clock for some time (I think I’ve had it since before-Dave time, actually.) It stopped ticking and we blamed it on the batteries we were using (we use reusable batteries for everything, but sometimes even those things die!) It also could have been the “paper” peeling up, keeping the hands from being able to freely move.

You can see it curling up – between the 11 and the 2.

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Light Me Up


This was a really quick DIY that I threw together in less than an hour and for less than a dollar! You may notice a pattern with these posts: I have a lot of craft supplies on hand.



You recognize this? It’s something that happens when you move into a new place and your landlord cares a lot less than you do about the details. He left us a light plate cover on the window sill, but the bottom hole where the screw goes was broken AND there was no screw. We lived with it like that for over a month and then one day I got shocked! My whole arm buzzed for half an hour. It was time to take matters into my own, electrified hands. I went to pick up a cover at Lowe’s and spent a whole 34 cents on it! I figured that since I was spending my own thirty four cents I was allowed to do whatever I wanted with it. First I thought I would paint it orange. Eh, I could do better. A fun chevron with really thin lines in lots of colors? Sounds almost as exhausting as painting a repeating pattern on the back of three bookcases. How about covering it with scrapbooking paper? Ding ding ding – we have a winner!


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Paint the Billy

If you know me, you know I’m a girl who loves a good DIY. You might even say that I crave them. But, I’m no fool. I know that they always result in, what I like to call, a DIY headache. (Hashtag copyright, yours truly.) Which brings me to a new series of blog posts called just that:

This post will show you how I transformed three plain white Billy bookcases that had been living in my in-law’s basement for who even knows how many years. In our last apartment we had two of them in our bedroom, barely containing our growing book collection, and the third in our bathroom to make up for the complete lack of storage in there. Well, the best place for them in our new apartment is in our living room. And since they were so sad looking and we would be seeing them ALL THE TIME, I decided to spice things up a bit. First I was trying to to decide between using wallpaper, wrapping paper or contact paper on the backs of them. Then I thought of something even less permanent and would use a lot less materials, which will equal using a lot less $$. We are, after all, Ballin’ on a Budget over here. The cost of this project totaled out at about $3, because I owned everything that I used (except for finishing nails that I needed to re-attach the backs with.)

Enough chatter – here is a photographic tour:

This is the best “before” I have of this shelf.


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