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Doing the Doula Thing

Okay, so here is where I try to re-cap just how my birth doula training went. This is turning out to be a pretty difficult task. The whole weekend was overwhelmingly great; I can’t remember a time where I felt so secure and connected to a room full of women who I had never met before, and each day just brought us all closer to one another. I’m not going to get into a lot of the details of what the weekend consisted of, but here is a general re-cap with a few of the key things that we learned and practiced.

Where do I even start? I guess there’s no place like the beginning.

First of all, Dave and I decided to stay in the city instead of me driving back and forth each day (and paying the $15/day parking) to save our sanity and a lot of time. So we drove up in the early afternoon on Friday and made our way to the hotel. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Toronto – a hotel Dave would have never stepped foot into 4 months ago. But the days of Starwood HotRates are long behind us now! We used Priceline for the first time and it was totally weird.

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It’s Finally Here!

Today (and for the weekend) I will be spending my time at my birth doula workshop, a day that I have anticipated for months! I’m so excited to finally be starting this process and I’m eager to soak up everything that my trainer has for me. I thought I would use this post to talk a little bit about why I think doulas are important for laboring women from a feminist perspective and, most importantly, as a woman. However, I waited too long to write that post and I’m a little bit overwhelmed with everything¬† I want to say. So, instead of that, here are some pictures and info that should hold you off until I get around to writing out everything swirling around in my head.

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Doul-ing with Doulas

Hi friends! Hoo boy, do I have things to write about!

A few days after I returned from my California vacation, I went to a birth conference, hoping to learn and make some connections to start me on my doula journey. This was my first real life jump into the birthing world as a profession and I was terrified! However! That feeling quickly washed away when I was greeted by so many welcoming and cheerful women who were knowledgeable and inspiring. Most of the attendees were doulas, public health nurses and midwives. The conference was the first to be hosted by the woman at Vesta Parenting, after not wanting to travel long distances to see some of their favorite speakers they decided to invite them all to London and host their own conference! Some of the more recognizable speakers (at least, the ones that I have heard of before the conference) included Robbie Davis-Floyd, Dr. Jack Newman, Dr. James McKenna and Gloria Lemay.

My notepad and program for the day.

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I’m Baaaack!

A few quick updates:

  1. We are officially Back from Vacation. We returned home Saturday afternoon, taking our time with the scenic drive home. I’ll have a full vacation recap post (with lots and lots of pictures) up later this week.
  2. While we were gone some technicians came in and finally – FINALLY- got the wiring issue all settled and now we are officially connected! That’s right, I’m typing and posting this from my very own computer in my very own office. Hallelujah!
  3. Yesterday we took a trip to Ikea (on a Sunday!) and purchased 3 new dressers and a new desktop; today we spent some time emptying boxes and bags that have been taking over this room and things are starting to look a lot better around here!
  4. Dave starts school in ONE WEEK. We are both pretty excited to see this play out and this room is just about ready for his all-night study sessions.

And now for the reason that brought you here: a doula update! I’ve been busy lining up my requirements and getting ready to really buckle down into study time, but before I show you any of that I’m going to give you an idea of What It Takes.

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D is for Doula

First, a quick moving update before I get into what this post is really about. We are settling in nicely, the boxes are dwindling day by day and I’ve found that unpacking is way more fun (but more confusing) than packing ever could be. Unfortunately, we are still without Internet. Fortunately, however, there are plentiful Starbucks around that don’t mind a couple of loiterers on their laptops borrowing their Internet. We even got local numbers! That’s all for now.

-Imagine a photo, here of our apartment door (Apt D) that is left open. It’s symbolic.-

Big changes are a-coming! Along with moving to a new city, settling in there and Dave going back to school to start a new program I am also starting to build out a path for myself. I had been contemplating this career change for a few months, asked my moms what they thought and finally decided to go ahead with it. The long and short of it is: I’m going to become a doula! Yesterday, I registered for an upcoming workshop so now it all feels Very Real.

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