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We Did It

We did exactly what we said we’d do for L’halloween: pizza, beer and Hocus Pocus. It’s nice to see traditions hold strong no matter where you’re located. Dave saw our landlord with a jack o’ lantern shirt on (she’s very pregnant) but other than that we saw, like, no one dressed up. We’ve surmised that it’s the area that we live in, since before it got too late out we were driving around residential areas and there were very few houses that were decorated or even had jack o’ lanterns outside. We’ll have to remember this for next year and try to do something about it. Or we can do just what we did this year and in later years say “Remember when we lived in Brampton and no one celebrated Halloween but us?” ANYWAY.

We didn’t get around to carving pumpkins until the night before, seeing as we were away all weekend at my birth doula workshop (don’t worry, that recap post is coming soon.)

Here they are! We got BIG ones; they were the same price ($3.99) no matter how many pounds.

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This is Halloween

Usually, I go full-force with my Halloween decorations. This year, for one reason or another, I haven’t felt inspired to cover my lamps in spider webs or make ghosts out of cheesecloth and liquid starch. I felt obligated to put up at least a few decorations, for my favorite holiday. And, even if we wont be able to have any trick-or-treaters (very sad) we’ll still participate in the best of traditions: pizza, beer and Hocus Pocus. Maybe we’ll go pick out a fun-sized bag of treats to keep around in a bowl throughout November, just for kicks.

The kitchen table. It’s festive and edible!

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A Nature Walk

On actual-Thanksgiving day (Monday), Dave and I spent most of the day inside studying, unpacking and cleaning. Nothing was open and we didn’t have any celebrating to do, so we took advantage of the downtime. I suggested we get out and enjoy the nice fall weather by taking a nature walk! There are a few parks and trails near our apartment building so we layered up, I grabbed my camera and we took off!

On the way down this hill, I slipped in mud and landed right on my tush.


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, I am recovering from a long Thanksgiving weekend away! What am I most thankful for this year? Well, I’m most thankful to everyone who reads this silly blog – not because you’re supporting this endeavor but because you would support any endeavor I could dream up. (Right?!) I’m also thankful to be happy, relatively healthy and able to pursue my new passion of becoming a doula. And, most of all, I’m thankful for my partner in grime: Dave G, himself. Where would I be without you, slugger?

Final thoughts, as I sign off: It will never not feel weird to celebrate Thanksgiving before Halloween,