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This is Halloween

Usually, I go full-force with my Halloween decorations. This year, for one reason or another, I haven’t felt inspired to cover my lamps in spider webs or make ghosts out of cheesecloth and liquid starch. I felt obligated to put up at least a few decorations, for my favorite holiday. And, even if we wont be able to have any trick-or-treaters (very sad) we’ll still participate in the best of traditions: pizza, beer and Hocus Pocus. Maybe we’ll go pick out a fun-sized bag of treats to keep around in a bowl throughout November, just for kicks.

The kitchen table. It’s festive and edible!

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Settling In

I was scrolling through all of my picture folders looking to see what I hadn’t posted about and I realized I haven’t even given you a real-life apartment tour since the Moving Day photos. I took pictures on the 5th of August (the day after Moving Day or “MD”), on the 15th and randomly since then, on my phone. So, here those are! There are still lots of things that have changed and a few things that I have at the top of my list.

Living Room

Okay, so on Moving Day (or, the Morning After) when you enter the apartment and turn to the left you saw this:

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Home Tour, Pt. III

Hey! You’re back, again! That’s great to see. This part of our home tour will consist of our kitchen, some outdoor photos and the single picture of our bathroom that I am willing to share with the world. Enjoy!

Here are the links for part 1 and part 2 if you missed them. Here we go:

Standing at the bedroom door, the view into the kitchen!

A better view of the room. The door straight ahead leads to our back patio space.

To the left. Hey Gaga!

To the right, that door leads to our second bedroom.

The view from the sink.

This is from the back door.

And our nice little apartment-sized oven. I only caught it on fire one time!

Look who I found, hiding under the table!

Let’s move on to the outside, shall we?

Our back patio space: the left side.

Our back patio space: the right side.

This is our building.

Tikky welcomes you in!

A close-up of our heritage sign. I told you this used to be a butcher shop!


How did I get a picture of that heritage sign with that big tree blocking my space?

I had someone help me. Can you see him back there?

I offered him ice cream for his patience. 🙂

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for:

It’s small, it’s blue, it’s packed to the brim and it only contains a stand-up shower. Also, the hot and cold taps are backwards.

I wont be sad to lose this room! Au revoir!

And that’s the whole she-bang. Hope you liked it!

Home Tour, Pt. II

Hey readers! Here is the second part of the home tour that I promised you. (If you missed the first part,you can find it here.) I decided to split the tour into three posts. The first one was the living room, this one is the two bedrooms and the third will be the kitchen, a few pictures of the outside of the building and the single photo of our bathroom that I am willing to share with the world.

Let’s get started! Bedroom #1 is where we sleep.

This is the view if you’re standing just outside the bedroom, the doorknob you see poking out on the right is for the bathroom.

Take a step inside!

To the right: my DIY’d necklace rack makes an appearance.

Details of what is on the dresser: the right side.

Details of what is on the dresser: the left side. That painting was done by Dave’s grandmother.

The end of the bed bookshelves. Behind the orange curtain is my closet.

And that’s it! It’s a pretty small room, which we like for a bedroom. Bed, books, double phone charger. What more do you need?

Onto the second bedroom: the office, crafting and guest room! It’s a room with many functions.

Come on in!

Here is what you see when you take a step in. We’ve got craft drawers, we’ve got a futon, we’ve got a dresser! And don’t forget the Creepy Mannequin Collage. The orange curtain you can barely see to the right is Dave’s closet.

Here is a straight-on shot of our shared desk. That is Dave’s work computer on the left side and my desktop on the right. (What happened to my white balance?!)

And even further to the left, Dave’s school desk (currently clean because he is not in school!), some more craft drawers and our printer.

The artwork that fills that wall.

The best part of this room, especially if you’re our nephew.

Not pictured: the anatomy poster on the wall to the right of the closet. That’s right folks, we’ve got a nursing student in the house. When I’m a grown-up I want this room to look less like Halloween.

We’re off to see, what is promised to be, a really great fireworks show. Hopefully I’ll get to report in with some equally great pictures. Bye for now!

Home Tour, Pt. I

I thought it might be nice for you to get a little tour of our current home before we start changing things around and packing it all up. I wanted to start with pictures of the outside of the building but, unfortunately, didn’t snap photos of it before it started pouring down rain today, so those will need to wait for another post. We live in one of four units in a 100-year old building and our apartment used to be a butcher shop! It was attached to King Grocery, which has now been updated to a yoga studio run by my landlady.

Let’s start with the living room, shall we?

Here is what the front door looks like, from the inside. It’s original to the butcher shop!

Standing at the front door and looking to the right.

A better look at my DIY’d artwork that I am so very proud of. (All of the supplies are from the dollar store!)

Standing at the sofa. The front door is to the left of the TV unit.

As seen, here.

A better look at the green hutch. It was built by Dave’s grandfather and there are quite a few pieces on it that have been passed down from our grandmothers.

And even further to the left.

To the right of the TV unit. I really need to flatten out that LA poster.

This little photo bomber tried to get into nearly every picture. What a rascal!

That’s all for now! I’ve got some fun posts in the works, and more of the home tour coming up.