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The Good/The Bad/The Ugly

You might think, based on the title of this post, that I am here to talk about the meaning of life and get into some deep and personal issues. But really, what I want to talk about is Pinterest. Here’s the deal with Pinterest. I think, at first, it was a great resource (not that I think it has lost that, it’s just harder to find.) It was heavily used by Bloggers and DIYers and it made it easy to share and show ideas and projects. The more popular (and, subsequently, more linked to Facebook) it became, the less like it’s original self it also became. Which brings me to a new (weekly?) post here, entitled:

In which I will show you three things I think are Good, three things that are Bad, and three things that are Ugly. If you’re like me and you like to describe something as “Pinterest; before you’ve logged in.” then you should enjoy these posts. If you don’t have any idea what I’m referring to, go ahead and log out, you’ll see what I mean. And if you don’t have Pinterest or don’t know what it is, what are you even doing here? Keep in mind these items were all found simply by logging out of Pinterest and scrolling down the page, I did not seek them out more than that.

The Good

Okay, so outside of DIYers using the big P, this is something I can get into! I love an inspirational dessert. The best part about this one is that it looks EASY. I doubt that what they are showing is vegan, but I would say it could easily be made that way. Most importantly, it isn’t something I ever would have thought of myself but it’s definitely something I can get into. Hooray for Pinterest!

I love this. Add mod podge and lace to some plain ceramic containers and this is what you get! Best of all, it inspires me to think of so many other things that can be done using mod podge! This would make a great gift, maybe as a housewarming present, to someone. That is really what Pinterest is for: inspiration!

Another thing I love about Pinterest is finding different uses for items you already have in your house, especially cleaning products! I gave up on commercial house cleaners years ago and only stick with things that are 1) biodegradable and/or 2) have come from my pantry. It has saved me a lot of time and money. I found a great one recently on whitening up your grout with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. I’ll be trying that before we turn the keys over for this apartment.

The Bad

I don’t get it? Why and what and why again? The most terrifying part of it all is that there are over 2500 re-pins. One comment on this photo: I do this with the heater on in my car so my hair dries faster. Well, isn’t that Pinteresting?

Again, I must ask myself and my audience: why? Why pin a photo of an over-exposed and filtered baseball..for later. What are you going to do with it? Why are you e-hoarding? Look at your life, my friend. Look at your choices.


I do have to say that this ~motivational~ picture is a lot less worse than some of the junk I see posted up in thinspiration boards. They always, always, always rub me the wrong way. Instead of photos like this, I wish we were seeing more self-love and body acceptance JPG’s and meme’s. Enough with the photos of 100 lb, white, cisgendered women in fields of lavender wearing flower crowns. Save that for Tumblr.

The Ugly

I didn’t put this in the “ugly” category because it’s not vegan. I just don’t know what someone would find inspiring about a photo of a pub meal from 1992 that they no doubt regretted in the morning. Does this inspire you to run to your kitchen and whip up something fabulous inspired by Martha Stewart? It inspires me to have a stomach ache. I don’t even what to know what the white stuff is up front.

Now, there are a lot of inspirational-quotes-on-walls posts that you can find on the P. This one just irks me. If you feel like the living conditions you have your kid in are OK with you, then what’s the problem? You’re getting defensive about judgment that does not exist; maybe there’s something else going on that you need to evaluate. You could try getting off your high horse, throw some toys into an ottoman you covered in fabric yourself and use an old t-shirt rag to wipe down your kitchen counters.

I would like to be clear here, and say: I am not calling any of these women ugly. I am just going to leave a quote from Sarah Silverman that has always spoken to me: “My hell would involve a party bus.” Pinned.

BONUS PIN!!! Because I could not let this one pass you up:

And the caption: “Protects your hair when you eat… because getting food in your hair would just look ridiculous.”


This has been my first edition of Isn’t that Pinteresting? Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

In a moving update: 1) our apartment has been rented! (which is good, because we do not have to have potential tenants traipsing in and out of our place for the next few weeks) and 2) We are back in B-town looking for our future home. We have 5 appointments lined up for tomorrow. Wish us luck!