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Fallin’ for Food!

Fall food is the best food – am I right, folks? I’ll confess: I went through a week where I was calorie counting and my food was BLAH and I wasn’t inspired by any of it. Now that I’ve snapped out of that bad idea, I’ve got some food to show you!

Vegan scallopine with balsamic roasted brussels sprouts.

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Another Dash of Summer

Turns out that summer food didn’t end as abruptly as I predicted it would, it my last OMP post. This food is mostly from my trip, we ate out a lot because of the kitchen situation (it not being functional.)

Flat bread appetizer from Seasons 52

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You May Sense a Theme

Once you get past the first picture of some of the food I have to show you, you may, as the title reveals, sense a theme. People go through waves of what they like to eat, right? I guess I’m on a wrap wave. It makes sense, I have always loved an appropriate alliteration.


I like my grapefruits to be the same size as my sandwich. But significantly juicier.


This was from Mucho Burrito, it’s sure to be a crowd favorite after we make our move.

I can not properly convey how much I love the restaurant where I got this wrap.

It’s called Freshii and you get to build your own wrap, salad or burrito. Truth be told: I should have left the brown rice out of this wrap; it ended up being Too Much while we were taking a break between apartment gazing.¬† (They also have pre-designed options.) The food is fresh and ethically grown, the packaging is biodegradable and the marketing is fantastic. What more could you ask for? We first discovered it in Toronto, where we ate twice in the three days we were there. I can’t wait to put this place into a regular rotation in my life.

Here is the wrapper.


This was a soy beef burrito I got from a place called Burrito Burrito. Convenient! Significantly less fresh than Freshii. Also, significantly more spicy.


That’s all for now. I’ve been pretty overwhelmed by Block Party planning; my brain had a hard time functioning through this post. The light at the end of the tunnel is near and, right now, that’s the only thing keeping me sane.

Well, a kitty just crawled up onto my chest so I guess I should take her advice and shut it down for the night.

It was looking rough there for awhile (hadn’t made it out to do a full grocery trip in a couple of weeks) but now, we are back on track! This week I used the crock pot, we had a classic, not-traditionally-vegan, bar menu item turned vegan for a quick dinner AND had festival chomps. What a nice week for food, it was. Onto the photos!

Here we have a grilled “cheese” sandwich and tomato soup. Pretty sure this tomato soup made both of us sick, so I wouldn’t recommend buying soup in tetra packs and forgetting about them in the back of your pantry.

A pretty typical lunch around here: blueberry soy yogurt, half a bagel with a slice of Tofurkey, mustard and half an avocado.

Nachos! This was our “bar food” night. I’ll let you use your imagination to see how it turned out; I wasn’t satisfied with any of the after photos.

Crock pot meal! Put a pound of spinach (not exaggerating) and a bunch of Indian spices into your crock pot for 6 hours on low, add a can of chickpeas and what do you have? Chana Saag! A crowd favorite.

Here’s what we had for dinner tonight. Dave’s meal makes an appearance for the first time! Usually if we have different things for dinner (i.e., eating at a restaurant) his is typically not vegan. That wasn’t the case for today!¬† He settled on a Veggie Roti from a Caribbean booth (which was delicious) and I chose Veggie Noodles and a spring roll from a South Vietnamese joint. We shared the jumbo lemonade. Perfect!

I don’t always dessert. But, when I do: I churro.

That’s all for now! Hope you’re staying cool in this hot, hot summer heat.

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This will be a regular feature, showcasing what the heck we eat around these parts. It will always be vegan, it will mostly be delicious  and it will sometimes include recipes. My plan is to make it a once-weekly feature. Alright already, enough chatter; let the pictures begin!

Spicy black bean burgers on a pretzel bun, fries and a salad.

A last minute dinner: Blue Menu brand (vegan) scallopine, brown rice and a salad.

Liquid breakfast. Smoothie made from blueberries, a plum, soy vanilla yogurt, flax seeds, almond milk and a handful of mixed frozen fruit.

Vanilla soy yogurt, grapes and half a bagel with mustard and avocado.

The veggie plate from Barakat, a fine local establishment. Falafel, hummus, fattoush salad with all of the fixin’s!

Well now that I’ve worked up an appetite, I’m going to go find something to snack on. Enjoy your weekend!

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