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Ikea Me!

It’s so nice to live near an Ikea again; I really took that place for granted when we lived in California. It’s so nice to be able to pop in for a quick  and inexpensive lunch, pick up a 2.99 curtain rod and buzz back home. I went in on Wednesday last week, to pick up the aforementioned curtain rod, and found out that Wednesdays are the day when they do construction and bring new inventory in. The place was a mess! I decided to do a little guided shopping tour and take pictures of the stuff I really like it. And, well, here it is!

One thing I did on this trip was sit on a few couches as that is still a missing component of our new apartment. This is the Karlstad, which is a nice option and comes in lots of different configurations. Sign me up for the dark grey fabric with black and white patterned pillows!

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